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  1. Wrap-Up: Active Lifestyle Photography on location in Los Angeles with model Madison Zimmers

    < Back to Wrap-Ups I was asked by Los Angeles boutique talent and creative agency, Newmark Models, to create a series of fashionable, fitness-inspired images of their recently signed model, Madison Zimmers. I organized a shoot in the Marina del Rey area to capture a variety of looks on the…

  2. Wrap-Up: Fitness & Lifestyle Photography on location in Marina del Rey with model Ellen Decker

    < Back to Wrap-Ups In Los Angeles on a visit from Miami, Ellen reached out to me and asked if I were interested in photographing her while she was in town. She had seen my work on Instagram and knew that I had shot for other signed models at Sports+Lifestyle…

  3. Wrap-Up: Surfing Photography on location in Malibu with model Daniele Morkel

    < Back to Wrap-Ups It was a win-win when I asked friend and fellow creative, Daniele if she would like to participate in a surf-inspired test shoot for me. A native South African with a surf background was coincidently seeking fresh content for her growing Instagram page. We headed to…

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