Tyler Douglas creates vibrant images of athletic humans immersed in fitness and outdoor adventure.

Tyler Douglas is an active-lifestyle photographer who is passionate about fitness and outdoor adventure. He produces commercially-viable creative for clients who also share this passion.

Inspiring people. Inspiring places.

Making visuals that blend athleticism with beautiful natural locations is at the core of his interest as a photographer. Through his work, Tyler is seeking moments of athletic prowess expressed in outdoor locations across California and Oregon. His style reflects the locations he shoots in: clean, natural and uncluttered. He is not a point-and-shoot, churn and burn photographer. While production schedules are brief and efficiency is a must, he maintains balance as he crafts each composition with purpose. 

Art Director Eye

Tyler is an experienced art director. Through his corporate and entertainment advertising background, he understands how demanding the creative process is. Agency-creatives are expected to deliver exceptional results in every campaign and choosing a photographer to help deliver those results is a big decision. Tyler’s ability to think like an art director throughout the entire production enriches the experience. You will find him to be a creative collaborator and problem-solver.

Belief System

Tyler respects people and the planet. This fundamental cornerstone is expressed to the models and crew he directs, the client who is entrusting him, and the natural areas which act as his set.

Get in touch

Based in Los Angeles, Tyler's services are available to commercial, advertising, editorial and private clients worldwide. To inquire for more information about his availability, get in touch here.

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