Creative brand photography for sports & active lifestyle brands.

Tyler is excited to collaborate with clients and agencies to help freshen a brand or product line with a creative visual campaign.


+ Apparel
+ Footwear
+ Sports Equip Mfrs.
+ Guides and Outfitters



Together, let's elevate your brand experience with strategic and creatively art-directed visual campaigns.

When you hire Tyler’s branding services, you will receive thoughtful execution throughout all stages of production. It starts with discussing your goals and objectives to develop a strategy that will accomplish them effectively. In the next step, Tyler will deliver a proposal outlining the scope of work. It will be supported by a moodboard detailing the treatment(s) associated with the various needed looks and additional creative direction Tyler recommends. It also includes location information, basic production schedule, and the project’s cost estimate.

Pre-production begins with scouting a location best suited to tell your story visually. If models are needed, they will be sourced and reviewed with you for approval to hire. A shot list is developed and reviewed to ensure expectations are aligned and to help guide the production on the day(s) of shooting.

Production is exciting because it’s the moment of creating in real-time. Tyler uses daylight modified by reflectors, as well as artificial light to produce vibrant, natural looking images just like those you see in his portfolio. Depending on the scope of work, production size varies. Setups and equipment are intentionally minimal to ensure mobility and a small foot-print. Tyler will hire trusted assistants when necessary to handle equipment and offer assistance where needed. Hair and Makeup Artists may be on set to ensure you and other talent are camera-ready and remain looking sharp throughout the session. Shoot days can range from 3-4hrs at a minimum to multiple days.

Post-production includes culling, cropping, treating, retouching, reviewing and delivering final images. A password-protected online proofing gallery will be created so you may review images and make selects. Final images are transferred digitally.

Included Services:

+ Proposal
+ Moodboard
+ Production Schedule
+ Location Scouting
+ Shot List
+ Talent Sourcing
+ Wardrobe Consult
+ Treatment & Retouching
+ Online Proofing Gallery
+ Digital Delivery



Social Media

The demands that social media puts on your content creation are immense. A collection of images that are on-brand and ready to post at any given time allow you to maintain a consistent brand presence.


Elevate your website with quality images that are professional, inspirational to clients, and relevant to your business.

Editorial / Interview

Have you been asked to supply images for an upcoming interview or editorial feature? This is a huge opportunity for you to deliver updated and art-directed editorial images.


Create wall art and banners for your place of business or public events. Create enlarged and framed prints as gifts for clients and friends. Produce point-of-purchase and direct marketing collateral.



A R T I S T _ S T A T E M E N T

"Creating dynamic visuals of athletic expression in beautiful outdoor locations stokes my interest as a photographer.

As someone who is passionate about adventurous and active lifestyles, I'm driven to capture moments of athletic expression in the outdoors. My compositions are clean, uncluttered, and purposeful, just like the locations I choose to work in."

-Tyler Douglas


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