Wrap-Up: Active Lifestyle Photography on location in Los Angeles with model Madison Zimmers

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I was asked by Los Angeles boutique talent and creative agency, Newmark Models, to create a series of fashionable, fitness-inspired images of their recently signed model, Madison Zimmers. I organized a shoot in the Marina del Rey area to capture a variety of looks on the street and the beach. The location provided a number of unique backdrops to complement the shoot’s concept and objective.

With a mood board provided to me by the agency, I designed a shot list based on the location I scouted days prior. The shot list also included specific posing references to inspire Madison on the day of the shoot.

With a call-time of 4:30pm, I was in place 30 minutes earlier preparing the POV and lighting for the first look. When Madison arrived, I gave a brief explanation of my plan for the shoot–describing the sequence of looks to be shot and pointing out specific locations in the area that we would shoot in. We took inventory of her wardrobe and styled outfits for each look. With that, we began shooting.

The session’s lighting styles ranged from hard to soft natural light. Late afternoon is great for this as it starts in bright, direct light and transitions to soft diffused light in the golden hour. For some looks, I used the Flashpoint XPLOR400 PRO shot thru a white umbrella and some with bare bulb. Body poses ranged from traditional fashion/editorial to dynamic action. The session was comprised of 5 looks and approximately 525 shots (more than I like to normally shoot in a 2hr session, but there was one setup I really enjoyed shooting so it got some extra attention).

I created an online proofing gallery to share the best images of Madison with Newmark. Selects were made and I processed those images within a couple days. Both Madison and the agency were very pleased with the images and posted to their Instagram account.

“Thanks again Tyler - these edits are amazing!!”

Jules Newmark - Newmark Models

“I think your work is really well done, the colors, the light - your vision - they turned out really nice.”

Daryl Prober - Newark Models

A sampling of the images can be seen below. If you’re interested in commissioning my services and want to learn more, contact me.

Session Details:

  • Time: Late Afternoon
  • Duration: 2hrs
  • Location: Marina del Rey
  • Camera: Canon 5D MkII
  • Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM
  • Strobe: Flashpoint XPLOR400 PRO

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