Adventure Sports Photography

Tyler doesn’t pretend to be Jimmy Chin or Corey Rich, but he does share a passion for photographing rock climbers. In 2018, having been inspired by those two superstars, he set out to create opportunities for himself to get closer to climbing. In doing so, he had the good fortune to capture memorable moments of climbers attempting sends on routes across Yosemite, Smith Rock, and others in Southern California.

The sport has quickly grown on Tyler over the past couple of years and he’s come to really enjoy photographing it. The challenge he appreciates about it is the need to find a compelling point of view quickly during an attempt and having to anticipate the climber’s every move up the route.

Akin to climbing's steady and methodical process, so is the image-making process. Tyler describes it being somewhat similar to wildlife photography in that it requires patience, poise, anticipation, and a little luck within a narrow window of time.

Rock climbing photography is a niche that he’s enthralled with because it takes him to breathtaking locations, and challenges him creatively. A nice bonus is getting to meet the varied and always friendly personalities of the climbing community along the way. It also presents a chance to create a range of images that include everything from vast wide shots that show immense scale, down to the intricate textures and colors of climbing gear and the chalk on calloused hands.

Without a doubt, Tyler’s compelled to photograph rock climbing because it succinctly fulfills a major part of his passion as a creator–working with inspiring people in inspiring places.









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