Wrap-Up: Fitness & Lifestyle Photography on location in Manhattan Beach with model Kenny Nogueira

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I was put in touch with Kenny Nogueira by his agency Sports+Lifestyle Unlimited. They needed his portfolio developed further and wanted to include fitness-inspired imagery that captured action and lifestyle shots.

I arranged the shoot with Kenny and met him in Manhattan Beach for our session. This location was great because I could utilize the dense neighborhood streets with all the varying architectural features and textures, as well as the beautiful beach and strand.

Kenny has a striking look and is capable of embodying many different personas which make him versatile for a range of advertisers. This versatility was evident in our shoot and made for a well-rounded yield of images.

Shot in daylight and open shade with a large white bounce reflector, I created numerous crisp and vibrant images of him through a mock workout on the streets. Staying nimble and mobile in the dense beachfront housing of Manhattan Beach was key because many opportunities abound and also it’s filled with many distractions from cars, to people to dogs. In that environment, it’s fun and challenging and becomes kind of guerrilla-style photography.

In the second half of the 2 hour session, we found ourselves on the Strand next to the beach for a set of lifestyle-inspired looks.  These took on a more casual, post-workout vibe that were enhanced by the lower sun–now turning soft and golden. But any afternoon on the beach is always accompanied by string breezes. This had to be used to my advantage, otherwise I would be fighting it continuously. Kenny has long full hair, which the wind easily affected. Composing his positioning and my POV, I could use the wind to indicate a sense of action and place, which brings additional life to an image.

We finished the shoot with some experimental action shots of him diving and digging volleyballs on the sand. The light finally faded and we wrapped. We had explored a relatively small area of MB, but got a number of unique looks from this location. By utilizing the unique environmental features, combined with two types of ambient lighting and a diverse wardrobe, I felt condoned we had produced a great range of images that would delight his talent manager. 

A sampling of the images can be seen below. If you’re interested in commissioning my services and want to learn more, contact me.

Session Details:

  • Time: Late Afternoon
  • Duration: 2hrs
  • Location: Manhattan Beach 
  • Camera: Canon 5D MkII
  • Lens: Canon EF 24-70mm f/4 L IS USM

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